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This week I started a new class, Social Media Strategist at Social Media Academy. That is why I for some coming weeks will post some blog posts in English. One of our first assignments was to post a blog using different techniques. We also got a quote to get us started “Do not think about what you write, but write about what you think.” Since one of the things we should do was to upload and embedd a video I twisted this a little and came up with “Do not think about what you film, but film what you think.”.

I have made some online videos before, but it is still a fairly new experience. At the time of filming it felt very natural to take a sidestep, but I see now that it looks kind of weird. Well, another lesson learned. Joakim Jardenberg, which i mentioned in the clip is @jocke on Twitter.

For Quora i continued with my twist and asked “Is it easier to understand thoughts explained in video than in writing?”.

Finally I made a short presentation about myself and uploaded to SlideShare. Even though I have read many presentations there before, this was my first upload.

Author: Jan Ainali

Creative mastermind


  1. Thanks for the mention ;)

    Besides the slightly weird change of position it’s a good video. Maybe you should try to vary your energy a bit more. You say you’re excited, but it doesn’t really show.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for the tip! I have been a fan of your videos for a long time, if I only get half as good as you are I will be very happy but I think I have a long way yet.

  2. One of the recommendations I made to Axel after the summer of 2009 course was to use video more to help students become more real to each other by seeing and hearing. I am so glad they are using this idea.

    I hope to learn more about you thru the various blogs and FB. Not to mention extending my global Alumni family of Social Media Academy.


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