How do you contribute to your network?

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This blog post is part of my course Social Media Strategist at Social Media Academy which I previously blogged about here.

When I look at the contacts that I have and care about what they do with their social presence I see that they are more active and contributes with more value, not just to me, but to many people. Perhaps that is why I at first found them being interesting, that they really are social and friendly even though they interact with people they might not have ever met before or even never going to meet. Wat do they they do? well, obviously they pass on interesting things and answers questions, but the things that really make some people shine is that they actively are finding the interesting conversations and chip in with their 2 cents although they have not been asked to.

This clearly speaks for that they have some sort of scanning and search methodology that is powerful, it seeems improbable that they just randomly finds places where they can and are willing to help. But it is not clear on how they are doing it, so my question to you who reads this is:
How do you do to be so effective in contributing with value to your network?

2 thoughts on “How do you contribute to your network?

  1. Andrew:

    I use Hootsuite and filter on certain key words, looking at times for those items which pass through twitter. And I as well will chip in on a “conversation” being had and sometimes I get a funny reply back saying how they enjoyed another voice coming in to the exchange.

  2. Jan Ainali:

    Thanks for your thoughts! I am using Hootsuite too mixed up with Tweetdeck, depending on what computer I am on. I think I like Tweetdeck better since it is a stand-alone application that can give small notifications on my screen but Hootsuite has the advantage that I can use it on any computer.

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