On the Between the brackets podcast

I was recently a guest on the podcast Between the brackets. The podcast usually covers MediaWiki related topics, but from time to time, also have Wikimedians as guests. It was a lot of fun, since we talked about almost all the things I am currently involved in. We mostly talked about the Foundation for Public Code, Wikidata, Govdirectory, Wikimedians for Sustainable Development but also a bit about AI and Abstract Wikipedia.

If you want to have a listen, find it in your podcast player, or listen directly here: https://betweenthebrackets.libsyn.com/episode-155-jan-ainali
(or select a service of your choice in Wikidata).

On Sustain Open Source Software Podcast – again

Last winter, I was on the Sustain Open Source Software Podcast talking about the Standard for Public Code. Now I was on again, but this time talking mostly about the Governance game. It was just as fun this time to chat with Richard Littauer, he is a great host, and I had a great time. Give it a listen and see what you think, I am in the second half of the podcast, starting at 16:00. The podcast was recorded earlier in March at FOSS Backstage.

On Sustain Open Source Software Podcast

A few days ago I was guest appearing in the podcast Sustain OSS. It was an energizing conversation with Richard Littauer and Justin Dorfman, and we honestly probably could have continued for several hours. We mostly discussed my work at the Foundation for Public Code and the Standard for Public Code we have developed and that I work on, and with, daily. But we also got into talking about Wikipedia, the movement and some of the bot creation initiatives we have seen.

I really enjoyed the conversation and hope I get the chance to speak with them again sometime. As they are deep in the know of the field of work, they asked just the right questions that we are also thinking about which made this more than just a shallow presentation of who we are. I guess the only thing we really didn’t get into much is how we are funded which is possibly not the most interesting conversation for everyone, but as a non-profit working for the common good is something we are always eager to explore. That being said, I think that the conversation will give anyone who listens to it a better sense of what I do at work and why I am passionate about it.

From a podcast producer point of view, I was also impressed by the process they applied. All the way from getting in contact, having guiding documents, gathering information needed for the shownotes to checklists for the recording, it was a great experience as a guest. I guess the only downside was that very few of the tools they used (that I saw) were open source solutions. Now, for remote multitrack recording, there aren’t many alternatives, that is something I am also sadly aware of, but for simple collaborative document editing there are plenty of options. If some of those services are switched, it will be an even more pleasant experience to be a guest in the future!

My talk at Open Source Summit India 2021

A couple of weeks ago I had the honor to give at talk at Open Source Summit India 2021. I titled it Real world collaboration through the Standard for Public Code and it was a lightning talk about just that.

My talk, starting 3:58:58.

Here are the slides I used.

My talk at FOSS-north

This Tuesday I had the honor to be a speaker at the FOSS-north conference. My talk was titled Helping public organizations collectively develop and maintain public code and was of course referring to our work at the Foundation for Public Code. You can watch my talk below.

The slides I used is available here.

Poddar i Digitalsamtal

Förra veckan blev jag intervjuad i podden Digitalsamtal om vad vi gör på jobbet. Det var ett trevligt samtal som berörde många av tankarna som ligger bakom hela vår verksamhet. På bara en halvtimme hann vi avverka både filosofi och praktik. Så är du nyfiken på vad jag och mina kollegor sysslar med så är detta en bra ingång. Det enda jag grämer mig lite för är att jag glömde att nämna vår fina Standard for Public Code.