2024 podcast listening update

In 2022, I wrote a blog post about my podcast listening. Since I recently switched podcast player, and with that did a big cleanse, I thought it was time for an update.

I used to use the Podcast addict app for listening to podcasts. And it was actually quite good and had all the features I wanted. But it was one thing itching, it wasn’t open source. So last year I finally did some research and installed AntennaPod, an open source solution that I saw was getting good reviews.

The migration was as easy as one could hope for, and one neat feature was that it asked which of my subscriptions I wanted to keep. This made me contemplate the ones I were enjoying, and now I have updated my listening page (archiving my previous feed). Most of the changes, though, are for podcasts that stopped producing new episodes and where I gave up hope of them returning.

One small thing that I have not figured out yet, is how to add episodes without subscribing to the podcast. But I guess I will figure that out, or make a feature request. Their contributing page looks inviting, and I have requested access to help translate the app.

On the positive note, I am already glad to not be bothered by the animated ads that pestered me in the Podcast addict app.

Börjar kurs – Kartapplikationer på Internet med Open source

Idag börjar jag en distanskurs på Luleå tekniska universitet – Kartapplikationer på Internet med Open source 7,5 hp. Jag ser verkligen fram emot att lära mig mer om alla möjligheter som finns, jag har ju bara snuddat vid det ett par gånger förut. Om det är möjligt ska jag så klart använda vandringen från Ystad till Stockholm som case i de uppgifter jag gör under studietiden. Tanken är ju att det ska gå att följa den live på internet, både med miljödata och positionsmässigt. Gör jag något annat skoj under kursen kommer jag såklart att posta det här.ltu