My Fediverse January 2024

This is the second half of my first monthly reports of my New Year’s resolutions.

In contrast to the other resolution, this has seen less progress, and it is still brewing a lot in my mind. What has come to change in my behavior on Mastodon, though, is that I this month has been actively boosting toots related to different Fediverse news, tools and platforms.


I watched this excellent conversation with Evan Prodromou and Flipboard CEO Mike McCue:

I was also experimenting with getting the MP3 into the toot on Wikipediapodden, a WordPress site with the ActivityPub plugin enabled, but to no success yet. It would be nice if it could be playable from inside Mastodon, just like an attached MP3 is.


I started translating PeerTube to Swedish. Not in bulk, but at least I found where to do it and got my account going.

Planning for the year

I started a larger document with ideas of things to do during this year. Many small ideas that I need to think more about.

In particular, though, I am planning to transfer some of the Wikipedia bot accounts I set up on Twitter to Mastodon, but haven’t found frameworks that are simple enough yet. Any tips, especially guides rather than empty git repositories, for how to run that would be appreciated.

My sustainability January 2024

This is the first half of my monthly reports of my New Year’s resolutions. I am not sure exactly how I want these monthly reports to be like yet, so I am just going to make a simple one to start with, and I’ll see how it evolves in the coming reflections.

Annual report 2023

I created the base for the annual report, basically by copying the format from last year and then adding what had been listed in the activities section over the year. With a bit of nudging in the Telegram channel, a few others added some more detail too, which was appreciated. Together with Daniel Mietchen, we added some images from the events and that was basically it.

It is thin, but it is also a fair description of our activities over the year, and I can only hope that it could also light a fire for us to do better.

Plan a user group meeting

As a result of my nudging, there was also a request to figure out more things people could help with. I was delighted by that and encouraged it. This led to Alex Stinson offering to help coordinate a workshop to find some activities for the user group and roles that people could take on for that. We have scheduled the workshop for February 9.

January newsletter

With those two points in the works, I felt inspired to start a newsletter to get this out. Luckily, there are some other activities happening too, that fit in there. Even if it is one of the shortest newsletters, I still feel good about it, as the news it carries might be one of the most important so far.

The newsletter has evolved through a couple of phases over the years, and I still don’t think it has found its final form. All ideas are welcome.

Resolutions for 2024

A few years back, I got inspired by Daniel Mietchen for New Year’s resolutions. While inspiring and important, the way I did it was not really what I imagined, and I did not continue in 2022. Basically, I hadn’t thought through how I wanted to document it, and it all became a bit too ad hoc to feel like I was doing it with purpose.


Now I have given it quite some thought and have two new themes that I am inspired about. The themes are Wikimedians for Sustainable Development and Fediverse. To read about my ambitions in detail and see the progress overview, check this dashboard for my 2024 New Year’s Resolutions.


I have also figured out that the way I want to document my progress is by monthly blog posts here, one for each theme. I’ll create a tag for each of them so that they all can be found easily later (fediverse 2024 and sustainability 2024).


While not really a resolution as such this year, with the results from the last two years, I will keep my ambition of running 5 km every second day.

EDIT (2024-01-19): As I am also planning to do a lot more hiking this year, and that usually “eats up” running days even though it is also beneficial for general health, I will allow for those to be counted as a third of the distance. For example, a hike of 15 km would be counted as a 5 km run.

Review of 2023 goals

It’s the end of the year, and time to reflect. I didn’t have any resolutions like in 2021, but I did have some smaller ones. Or smaller might not be quite the right word, since they were ambitious. But they were more narrow.


My first personal goal was to keep up with running, with the goal of averaging 2.5 km per day, or 5 km every second day to be precise. Last year, I was not sick once and kind of crushed it. But this year I was sick twice, so I lost many running days. In the end, I still racked up 882 km. That is about 2.42 km per day and a bit shy of my goal. Another way to look at it is that I managed to keep my average on more than 352 days. So not even two weeks short in total. I’ll give myself a pass on this considering the circumstances. Adding the hiking I did, I am just above 1,000 km, but that was not part of my original target.

365 climate edits

My second goal was, yet again, a Wikipedia related one. But this time it was very different and aimed to be habit building. My goal was to make one climate related edit every day, and I called it #365climateedits. This one was also hard, mainly because life is complex. I found a few kinds of edits on Wikidata that I could do even when I was short on time. But It didn’t help because, as it happened, I fell in love this year and that sometimes makes you lose track of both time and place. Still, I only missed 3 days on the full year and to make up for it, I will continue a bit into 2024. Some of my edits, but not those from Wikidata, can be seen in the hashtag tool (along with everyone else’s doing the challenge).

What I learned from this was that even though it was somewhat habit building, it was also stressful to have it hanging over me, and despite knowing that I was adding value, it never felt satisfying to do these small edits.

Therefore, my goal for 2024 will be something quite different, and if I do some challenges, I think I will be very lenient when it comes to streaks.

Wikipedianyårslöfte 2021

Utöver mitt mer generella nyårslöfte (som jag skrev om igår) så har jag även ett specifikt för Wikipedia, 20-årsdagen till ära. Detta blev en följd av att vi Wikipediapodden redan förra året utlovade några. Så därför kommer jag i år att “dutta” mindre och istället göra minst en rejäl insats för; ett ämne, ett wikiprojekt, en instruktionssida, en policy och en teknisk funktion.

Mer om mina motiv, och hur det går kan man följa på min undersida på Wikipedia. Vad planerar du för Wikipedia i år?

Wikipedia startade 2001, och själv firar jag femton år på Wikipedia om en knapp vecka. Hurra!

Nyårslöfte 2021

Det har två veckor och jag har redan kommit en bit med mina nyårslöften, men jag har inte riktigt annonserat dem, även om de har varit publicerade hela året.

Jag hade lite svårt att formulera mig först, men sen såg jag Daniel Mietchens nyårslöften från förra året och blev så inspirerad att jag lånade hans koncept rakt av.

Skälet till att jag skriver ett blogginlägg nu är att de redan börjar spela ganska stor roll. Ett av mina löften var att sträva efter mer öppenhet i mitt arbete. Detta ligger ju mig nära och som jag vill få fler att följa efter. Och efter ett intensivt 2020 med massvis med Google Meets, Zoommöten och andra slutna lösningar kände jag att jag behövde ta lite ställning.

Så i den mån jag själv har chans att påverka kommer jag inte att delta i några onlinemöten som använder slutna verktyg. Och imorgon blir en prövning. För Wikipedia fyller 20 och det kommer att vara massvis med firanden, men tyvärr verkar de flesta ha valt verktyg jag väljer bort. Jag hoppas att de få som inte gör det håller mig på så gott humör att jag inte ska bryta mitt löfte redan i januari.

#onenewplace 2020

English below.

För tre år sedan hade jag ett nyårslöfte om att pröva något nytt varje dag. Det ledde oftast till att jag åt något nytt, vilket jag egentligen inte hade tänkt från början. Så i år tänkte jag istället göra det lite mer specifikt och besöka en ny plats, men eftersom att det är lite svårare, nöja mig med en i veckan.

Även denna gång tänker jag sätta lite press på mig själv och göra det publikt och det går att följa på både Twitter och Mastodon (och för mina vänner på Facebook) under hashtagen #onenewplace.


Three years ago my new years resolution was to try something new every day. However, it mostly led to me eating new stuff, which wasn’t really my intention. This year I am giving a more specific resolution, to visit a new place. But since that is harder I”ll settle for one each week.

This time as well I’ll be putting myself under pressure by doing it publicly and you can follow it on Twitter and Mastodon (and my friends can also see it on Facebook) under the hashtag #onenewplace.

#onenewthing 2017

Jag brukar sällan ha nyårslöften, men i år tänkte jag köra på en nygammal idé: att göra/testa en ny sak/aktivitet varje dag under året. Den är nygammal på det sättet att jag under studenttiden gjorde samma sak, men inte som ett nyårslöfte den gången. Detta gör jag för att få mig ur vanliga banor och ge mig nya intryck. Min tes är att det ska öka min kreativitet och associationsförmåga, men eftersom att jag inte känner till några bra sätt att mäta dem på blir det ovetenskapligt genomfört. För att sätta lite press på mig själv gör jag det publikt och det går att följa på både Facebook och Twitter under hashtag #onenewthing (Facebook innehåller färre andra inlägg än Twitter). Jag kommer förmodligen att samla in dem i en tabell också, men jag återkommer när jag har ett automatiserat flöde för det som är snyggt.