Completing a course – English: Writing Texts about Facts and Opinions

This spring, I took an evening course in English at the University of Skövde remotely: “English: Writing Texts about Facts and Opinions” (syllabus in English), 7.5 ECTS. It was refreshing to both delve into the nitty-gritty with grammar for the first in a while, but also to get an insight into the style of argumentative writing in English as compared to Swedish. Plenty of similarities, of course, but some nuances that were good to be reminded about. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and might consider publishing some of the essays I wrote for it here at a later time.

Screenshot of my grades, showing an A overall.
Grades for the course, A overall.

(Obviously, since this is a text about grammar and language, Muphry’s law dictates I will have made some errors in it.)

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