Wikifunctions logo contest

Some time back I had some inspiration for the Wikifunctions logo contest.

I was (and am) quite happy with the design itself. But a logo is much more than just something that looks good. It also needs to be unique.

And thanks to many people looking at this submission, some similar logos that I was unaware of were found. This is normal in the process of designing logos, the difference here is that they are reviewed in the open instead of before being published the first time. I am also already happy with the positive feedback that I have got. So while I still like the idea I got in my sudden nightly inspiration, I realize that there is some uphill momentum now.

Sidenote: I trust that the legal team of the Wikimedia Foundation will do a proper legal review of my proposal if it were to win the votes so that no further legal issues are raised later. If the community like the basic idea, it should be possible to make a few adjustments to clear any such issues.

Besides my proposal, there are many more nice candidates. Please go vote!

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